Results of Write-on effect project

Genete may be wondering "What resulted from all the questions he was asked?’ Well the attached is it. The attached gif was cut down in size in order to upload it. Although I completed the project on a windows 7 computer, it runs fine on Windows XP and Ubuntu. (I do get the warning message " * …\My Documents\WriteOn.sifz::67: Layer ‘import’ rejected value for parameter ‘filename’ " when I load the file, but other than that, all portions seem to work. If there is any interest, I would be glad to write a step-by-step process of what I did. (I ended removing a lot of waypoints as I went along. I am not sure this was the most efficient way but the only way it seemed to work for me.)

Thanks for all the help.

WriteOn.sifz (29.7 KB)

Good work! :smiley:
I like the hand writing effect :mrgreen:

Good work!
Now it is time to make it more interesting. You’re drawing each section in a linear way (one starts after other ends) why don’t overlap objects showing to make the animation more dynamic?