[RESOLVED] wiki (not) login ? + wiki recent change

elo zere

-1- i’m front off login error on the synfig wiki … “Please enable cookies” … and actually they are…
i have try with a new password (Forgot your login?) no better result.

any idea ?

-2- is the wiki recent change work just for logged users ???

asta luego.

Same here.
Let’s give some time to Konstantin to review the wiki engine to see what’s happening.

no prob"

Yes, there’s something terribly wrong with database. I’m investigating that, but it will take some time. Thank you!

OK, finished.

  • 1 -
    The problem was related with DB cache. Fixed now.

  • 2 -
    Recent changes are empty because it shows changes for the last 7 days only by default. Since all inactive users regularly cleaned - we have no edit history since June 15th.

Thank you for reporting!

good job compa"