Resolution/Aspect Ratio feature request/UI enhancement


I’ve been working with Synfig for a little while, and there’s one feature I thought of that I wanted to file a bug for/submit, but I’m not sure what the right way to go about this would be. The feature is this:

In Canvas->Properties->Image add a popup at the top of the Image Size section with defaults for 480p, 720p, and 1080p (and maybe other common video size/aspect ratios - I don’t know if there are other common standards), so a user could select that from the menu and get both the width/height populated rather than having to select each field and type in the values by hand.

This would help newer users by letting them set the correct values without needing to know/look them up, and save time for everyone by letting those values get set with one action instead of selecting each field and typing in values.

Does this seem like a reasonable feature request? Is this something secretly hidden somewhere I just haven’t seen? Assuming it’s not implemented, is there an appropriate way for a new user like me to file this?

You can file a feature request here: . I think it was discussed somewhere already, but apparently not yet in new tracker.

Personally, i don’t see much point in Synfig operating exact pixels before render since it’s vector-based. But presets would be nice for rendering anyway.