Resize imported images to original size

Hello, didn’t find any possibility myself:
Is there any possibility to resize an imported image (a background or a part of a cut-out animation) to it’s original size after having it scaled or deformed?

Please help!


Not possible unless you know the aspect ratio of the image and set its corners to the appropiate values.
If you want this to be implemented and not forgotten by the developers, please add a feature tracker at for synfig, asking for an automatic way to resize the imported image. … tid=757419

Thank you, Genete!

I posted the feature tracker (anonimously, just because I don’t think I can contribute there). I couldn’t find my request after submitting it. Should it be visible already or does it take time - will it be checked first?

Since I don’t have the feature now, but I DO have the problem of sometimes loosing the original ratio of an imported image - do you have any idea for a workaround?


No, feature request doesn’t need any approval. They should be shown inmediately. I don’t see any feature request for 2011 so I think you didn’t press the correct applky button/link.