reset windows to original layout on windows

  1. The default layout is great in the recent release. but it behaves is not perfect on ms windows. when reset to default layout, synfig studio just takes the whole screen size, but actually, the ms windows task bar should also be taken into account to avoid the overlapping with horizontal (params, children etc…) and vertical (layer and group) panels.

My os is windows xp.

  1. For the wording, is “Default Layout” better than “Original Layout”?

  2. is it possible to make “Default Layout” user customizable? so that users can have their own version of default windows layout.

We were aware of that but it is the windows manager who should take care of it. Same code runs in linux and the panels (if any) are not overlapped.

Yes, it is better wording.

I guess it could be. Maybe in the next version is implemented. Just need someone who code it :slight_smile:

Wow, rapid reply :slight_smile:

I imagine if I can code… but, at the moment, i can only translate :blush: