Request vector effects

I’ve been seeing some toolsets that might be quite useful.

  1. Is there an option for a Smudge brush? Basically it’s like a brush where you pass it through a vector it’ll create points and curves on THAT vector to resemble a painting being smudged.

  2. Is it possible to import some GIMP scripts to Synfig by tweaking it? Most of those effects are dandy.

  3. And finally, I’d like to know if Synfig supports “movie clip” like thing. For example, if I make a moving background from up to down, I can paste it in a movie clip and transform it with “Perspective” tool to make it resemble a 3D ground.

Have you seen this?
It comes from this thread:

About the other two, yes they are cool. Welcome to the wishing world :wink:


:laughing: Hope you’re not being sarcastic because they certainly are possible and a really great addition!

And thanks for the link!

You can use a distortion layer(noise/curve/sphere) in conjunction with the shading layer(as it has horizontal and vertical bluring). for added bonus you can use rotation layers to control how the bluring is done
-Shading(with horizontal and vertical specified, origin at 0,0 blend mode straight)
-Rotation(angle to get it to align with the bluring)
-Distortion Layer
-Region/Outline/whatever to be “smudged”

Hmm, sounds like too much work. LOL But that works for the time being. Hahaha, thank you! I was actually trying to make a vector character turn smoke and disappear. I’ll try that method out. XD

Although I have another request now that I’ve read that “anime” thread, which would be more useful for Synfig’s flexibility:

  1. Instead of using an “Autokey/Animate” feature that Synfig uses (which resembles 3DsMax) I’d recommend combining that feature with elemental tweening. Meaning, each element/shape/line or whatever has the ability to animate “independently” from each other without being taken to a new canvas/clip.

  2. How about an X-Sheet? Or something that would give it the ability to combine Synfig’s powerful tweening ability with FBF module? For example, it is possible to simply draw in Frame 1, then tween to Frame 7, and after that the same drawing shall not remain in Frame 8 if you don’t want it and you need to redraw it so you can tween it “differently” towards Frame 21. This would be useful for both Tradition Animation AND for trying to fake 3D-like turns.

The X-Sheet could resemble those from ToonBoom and Retas. The only difference would be that it’d be divided into seconds AND frames native to Synfig, unlike the traditional frames only. XD I know implementing such a thing might be difficult, so it doesn’t matter how much time it’d take. But it would certainly be a powerful new feature.

For something that complex I’d recommend doing it in blender particle or new smoke system(it even has svg support in some builds)
Even if you would have a smudge layer that type of animation would be pretty hard to pull off
Also note that the smudge tool is used mostly in bitmap application and so would be fundamentally different how it works in synfig
And seeing how there is little development it will take some time
But don’t worry as a smudge tool would be necessary to get illustration quality shading(in conjunction with brushes) and I am prrety sure someone will eventually code it(by me as I eventually get around to learn coding from scratch in about 2-3-6 years)

XDDD I’m in courses for 3DsMax actually, but it’s pretty easy to make smoke and special effects in Synfig for 2D animation. I don’t need Blender to turn characters into smoke, in fact I can do that point wise in Synfig itself with the help of Blur tool. The problem is that it gets tedious working with one point at a time, so that’s why I asked for a Smudge tool.

I don’t mean to automatically “blur” the ends of the vector, heck no. I mean, there’s a tool in Adobe Illustrator that works similar to a Smudge tool and displaces the points to where the brushes are being dragged. XD I meant something like that. Obviously, after that, I’ll merely tween the colors and blur layer to make it smokin~

Forgot about the blur layer
Anyway by any chance have you tried smooth move tool?