[REQUEST] Creating child canvas with same values than father.


I am using Synfig 1.0.2 (Debian testing version).

I’m testing the use of several canvas to easy organize the animation of a scene. It’s great, but I have seen something that could be strange. When I exported to a new canvas, it is created with a size not equals to the “father” canvas. I think it must be created with the same parameters (size, scale expansion and number of frames: start, end and long).

For example, now if I have a top canvas created with: 640x360, 12,300, 0f, 400f, 400f) when I exported a new canvas it is created with 480x360 and time to zero frames. I really don’t know from where it takes that values, because I changed the defaults in Synfig preferences.

Of course I can changed it manually… but it could be great if it was automatically, because the normal is that I want the same size canvas for the child.

you can set the default parameters in Edit/Preferences, Instead of Canvas/Properties.
The new animation documents (what you call here canvas) will use these parameters.

My bad. Sorry for my answer out of topic, I didn’t read correctly in first place.

so the values of a canvas properties of a new canvas generated by “export” should inherit its parent’s version instead of the new canvas default values, it is reasonable, could you please file a bug in the issue trace system, so that we don’t forget it.

Open it: synfig.org/issues/thebuggeni … issues/940

BobSynfig, the problem comes when using the export canvas feature, as better say jcome. My english is really bad. :mrgreen: