[REQUEST] Create handles wherever I want.


I have a new request… I don’t know if it is possible or not (or maybe it can be done just now but I don’t know how).

When a handle (vertex spline, handle size) is created, I see that we have two option in the popup menu. It works well, but I really don’t understand the algorithm behind the new position. So, my request is: why not let the user set that position?

Now you throw the command of creation. The algorithm select the position and create it there. After that, you can move it.

My suggest is: throw the command of creation. Instead of guess a position, the handle is pre-created and the user’s mouse movement moves the handle along the spline. When the user click with left button, the handle is created in that position.

I don’t know if this is too much complicated (a handle following the spline) but it helps a lot.

If this were possible. I request too that all handles could move in that way. For example, holding a key, the movement of the handle is following the spline.

Are you referring to the width point of an Advanced Outline?
I don’t understand the meaning of “vertex spline, handle size” and which are exactly the two options in the menu?

Not only for that. With the spline handle (vertex spline or orange dot), too. So, I think that for basic outline, too.
The orange dot and the purple dot.
The two options of create (add) a new handle:

When I click on that options, the two create (add) a new handle (size or spline vertex whatever where you opened the menu) to the shape in a guess place. My request is if it is possible to let the user put the new handle where he wants. Instead of create the handle directly, the user could select (moving the handle following the spline, as the purple dot does where it is moved) the place and creating (confirm the position) by clicking on or something.

You can right click in the middle of the spline and the vertex is inserted exactly where the mouse is.