[REQUEST] Center or repositioning the green control point


It could be great if we could change easily the green control point of a layer. Sometimes, when a layer is created, the green control point start in a far away position from the real object. When you are working in a big scale the green point is impossible to see and you have to scale the screen. But in that scale, the movement can be a hell for small objects.

So, if there were a way to put the green control where you want (normally in the center of the object that you create… as the circle layer do) it helps a lot.

I’m not sure it would be so much a good idea as layers properties depend on the origin.
What you could do instead is to create a group and place your layer-with-green-dot-far-away inside.
Then, you will simply move your group layer whose green dot would be in sight of the workarea.

Yes, BobSynfig, I use encapsulation… it is great, but it is not always safe.

Look at this production example:

It’s a simple example of how it can become weird. If you want to work with small things (in the example, the eye pupil’s cat) or movement and you have the control there… It’s a really pain. : )

Of course you can select the spline control points, select all, and move… but it works with a small unique object. If you have a small complex it becomes in another hell.

I know that I can disconnect the draw’s controls from the position (green) dot and move safe, but if it could be possible to make automatically (for example, in Blender you can work with that point, center it in the object or move to a better position).

transformation handles of a group layer can be repositioned by your mouse pointer if you holding the space key.

Space key?

I have maden a test just now. I see that the pointer change, but when I move the transformation, the layer moves, too.

A bug maybe or a new feature (I’m using 1.0.2)?


my bad, this operation has been reworked since and now [Ctrl] is used instead of [Space Bar].


I think that it works enough fine for me.