[REQUEST|BUG] Line's size controlled by the spline vertex


I really don’t know if it is a bug…

I know (and use) the line’s size controls (purples dot) in advanced outlines. They are great. But I missed sometimes the possibility of change the size of the line from of a spline control (orange dot) instead of create a purple.

I’ll show an example:

The first form is a basic outline. I change the size of the vertex to zero and it’s ok.

The second is a advanced outline. I change the size of the vertex to zero and… nothing happens! I suppose that only the purple controls can modify the thickness of the line but, why delete the main feature to the vertex?

If it would be possible, I love to have the two chance of control the thickness in advanced outlines.

I understand. But, could be possible to maintain the feature of the basic line on the advance? For example, in advanced line could be disable the size handles linked with the vertex. The list of vertex could have a checkbox to on or off that handle.

I know that I can do it manually, but is a bit annoying have to create every size handle and link to the vertex.

Hi Fenix,
it was me who designed the Advanced Outline, so blame to me if you want :wink:
If you enable the width on the spline points, then there is not reason to continue using the width based on the widthpoints because the width interpolation will be stopped on each spline point.
Algorithm for Advanced Outline is quite complex, due to the multiple combinations it can be done with the interpolations on each side of each width point. So whoever take care on implement that or other feature, is warned.

A-ha!  I'll take your car license plate!


Absolutely not. I like advanced line. Handles size are great and open a lot of possibilities.

When I read the wiki entries that d.j.a.y post, I understand the problem of my request.

In that way, I change it in the last post with the option of have the handle size on and off with a checkbox in the list of vertices. If it is not possible, too, not problem. I can do it manually as last said (but it is a haaaaaard and ponderous work… :laughing:).

Thanks, Genete. : )

an improvement there could be [keymodifier]+[drag spline] to change the spline’s width … and why not also another shortcut+click to add a width point.