REQ:"how do you make a sprite movie by using synfig"

I want to make a sprite movie(or clip) like this right here:

Synfig can handle image layers and also an special kind of image layer called listimporter. The last one read the image file name form an external file with an specific name and format. For sprite simulation you can use listimporter to produce quick image changes.
Move and rotate the sprite can be done using the origin parameter of the listimporter layer and the rotate layer for rotations.

Read these sections of the wiki to understand how listimporter works.

For more particular replies, please give more details of your troubles.

Thanks, but I having problems with it already. When I import the .png file It automatically scale up, but I don’t want that to happen. I want to import it in the right size. They’re is also another problem when I import it. The whiteness around the image is suppose to be nothing but synfig replace it with black and I do not want that! I also having a hard time moving the .png images.

How do I use the ListImporter and where do I find it?

It’s built into the Import Image function.

"To use it, simply create a text file with the filename of each still frame listed per-line. Save this text file with the extension lst(That is LST in lowercase). Import it into Synfig like you would any other image. "

On the main canvas, in the top left hand corner, is a drop down menu that appears when you click on the >
From there, click File, Import, and enter the path to your whatever.lst file that you created.

If you download the walk cycle example, there’s one already included in that file.


There are two ways to import an image into synfig.

  1. File->Import and select the image file. It would scale the image to fit into the canvas dimensions
  2. Layer->New Layer->Other->Image Import. This would create a layer with a prepared dimensions to receive a image file using the filename property. When you fill the filename property expand the column of the parameter and you’ll see a button to choose a file, remember to click outside the parameter to update it. Then the image would be placed and its dimensions would NOT be preserved. It would fit the current Top-Left, Bottom-Right parameters values.

You’re right about that the import image should adapt its dimensions automatically to the original image dimensions. Anyway it is not so difficult to modify those parameters to fit them to the known image dimensions.

Regarding to the whiteness I don’t see other thing that the png image was created against a white background and it is saved with the image. Load this image sample I’ve done with Gimp. When I create the image I selected “transparency” for the background. It imports perfectly into synfig.

Finally regarding to move sprites you should use the Translate and Rotate layers onto each moving sprite or the canvas that contains it. It is much better than move its corners. Consider that synfig is not specifically designed to sprite animation so you have to do the hard work.

Read theCut Out Animation tutorial for an example of usage of image layers.

Please ask more if you still having troubles.

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