Rendering through a different encoder

I am not really smart enough in these things as I am a end user, but from what I understand many software use a whole seperate encoder to render stuff, like shotcut uses melt. I am not even sure if encoder is the correct word for it.

But can I use a different encoder to render through gpu, I have a much faster and better gpu than my processer. It could literally render a whole 10 min animation in seconds if synfig can support hardware encoding. I just want to use it instead of my cpu, anyway or workaround to achieve this, I am ready for trying anything.

I just un short mean is there any possibility to render through GPU somehow?

Synfig is basically producing images on pixbuff which are pushed one-by-one to the input of ffmpeg.
The encoding process is not what is the most relevant for the optimization of speed.
The images have to be produced then added and processed in the proper order.
So it is the rendering engine that should support the GPU (currently Cobra), not the encoder.

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Ya exactly, I already said I was not sure if encoder is the correct term. Thanks, I would try cobra then.