Rendering settings


In the render dialog of synfigstudio there is a quality and anti-aliasing setting. However,
I cannot find a description of these values. They apparent run from 0 to 9 for quality
and 1-31 for anti-aliasing. I found some talk that the quality is better for lower values,
but this was not clearly related to these options. I also found comment stating that
quality 0 is actually 10. So, what’s the deal? And is for anti-aliasing a value larger
to 2 or 3 really useful? And can you turn it off?

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Good questions:
I think that quality = 0 disables antialias. And really antialias bigger than 3 or 4 would not give you better results for small image sizes. Maybe for larger ones it is relevant.

Strangely quality = 0 and antialias = 31 is slower (much more slower) than quality=1 and antialias =31. So when use quality =0 use lower antialias.



Does quality affect something else, besides turning anti-aliasing on or off? If so, what?
What would be the point of having other quality levels?

Is there somewhere, besides the source code, where we can information on this?
Given that this information can’t be found on the Wiki, I’m afraid it is lost… :frowning:


There is not other source of information than the source code itself, the wiki and the user experimentation. If you don’t find something in the wiki maybe it is worth you to write it down even if you don’t understand it completely.

And yes, it should be documented… :unamused:


I’m pretty sure quality affects the quality of gradients and possibly blurs and distortions

Well the confusing part is that the synfig tool has the the following help output:

-a <1…30> Set antialias amount for parametric renderer.

-Q <0…10> Specify image quality for accelerated renderer (default=2)

Apart from the off by ones (30 != 31 and 10 != 9), it suggests that the options are
used by different renderers: the parametric renderer and the accelerated renderer.
I didn’t know there were different renderers! I thought only synfigstudio used a
different renderer for its preview. My confusion is growing…