Rendering in Windows XP

You helped me earlier on using the “write on” effect with Blines. I believe I have a handle on that now. I was having trouble rendering (in either a gif or a series of pngs). I couldn’t get a gif and I only got 7 png files which only covered about one-tenth of the lines drawn.

Thanks for any help you can provide. I have attached the file.
Rixey3.sifz (8.54 KB)

I have to say that apart of the error loading the file complaining about the missing image file (which was solved just canceling the image load action) the Document with the five advanced outlines hanged my 0.63.00 Windows XP Synfig Studio version, so I wish to take a look to the file on my linux box a bit later, so see what’s happening.
Can you try to reload the file and try to play it? I can’t!

I’ve just opened the file with Synfig Studio 64 bits on my Ubuntu 10.04 and it works fine.
Unfortunately Windows version doesn’t have the Magick++ renderer to produce good animated gifs. There are not suitable binaries for Windows I think.
To produce one animated gif you have to use the gif extension at the file and also select the gif target on the drop down box of the render dialog. It will produce a animated gif but might have render artifacts and won’t be as well compressed as achieved with Magick++ libraries.

Thanks, it sounds like if I am going to get serious about this, I will need to set up a Linux machine.