Rendering ffmpeg Bug

Version I use: SynfigStudio 1.2.0 64bit Win.


I’m new here and havn’t found anything to that Problem yet.
When I try to render my animation as ffmpeg, it says:

After closing that window there is a new one:

And there after the program crashes.
So here we go. Do youve got an ideas?
Thanks from Germany!

Did you try changing the codec in the render parameters: render settings - target - target - parameters. Changing mine to H.264 (not lossless), mpg, mpeg or avi extention worked for me.

Hi: When rendering ffmpeg in OSX, Synfig crashes as soon as I press “Render.” Any fixes or any alternative video formats recommended (that don’t crash)? Thanks.

Could you please try to run Synfig Studio from command line to get the error message if any?

Ran from Command Line, there were no outputs. Tried outputting to text file, but still no outputs. Does not crash when rendering .png or .gif. Regarding Spline, still can’t draw single, two-vertex line. Double-clicking doesn’t work. Could not find “Run” option at the link you provided–sorry. Should I reinstall another version. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks for all the help.

Hi: Just downloaded Developer version for OSX 1.3.13. It rendered ffmpeg (basic object) so far, and the double-click on Spline allowed me to create a single line… I noticed this version is much smaller than older version? Will try this version for now unless you have any further advice. Again, thanks.

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It’s a “Gear” toolbutton in Tool Options panel.

Version 1.3.14 is coming real soon. :slight_smile:

The biggest problem here I know is the possible crash when you delete a vertex if it is selected in parameters panel. Fixed in the future 1.3.14.


Development OSX version definitely not as stable, had a couple of random crashes–have set auto-save to short duration!

FYI, rendered an ffmpeg, which it saved as an .avi; Quicktime wouldn’t recognize it, but VLC did, albeit quality low.

Still at bottom of learning curve, but generally impressed with Synfig so far.