Rendering .avi: ffmpeg not found (SCHOOL PROJECT!)

Hello, Genete or whoever is there to assist:

As I told you, I’d like to make an animation film with quite young children (11-12 years). Last week we had our first test phase, and they did amazingly well. But now I’m totally stuck with the rendering. I tried to use the .avi extension and ffmpeg as target, with different codecs. What I get is a zero-bite avi, which doesn’t play on any player. Well, certainly. And what I get in the synfigstudio you can see in the attached file.
The German part translates as “The command ffmpeg is either spelled incorrectly or could not be found”.
I had a look: the ffmpeg.exe file is in the “bin” directory.
What can I do?

Hi ceka,

Although it is a bit hard solution, try to unistall and then remove manually any trace of the Synfig Studio installation. Then download the binaries again and install it to its default location.
Then if the problem persists go to a MSDOS prompt and copy here the full path to the ffmpeg binary and the ffmpeg module (i.e. C:\bla\bla\bla\synfig\bin\ffmpeg.exe and Synfig\lib\synfig\modules\libmod_ffmpeg.dll)

Some times the paths you see in the prompt are not the same path as the real MSDOS one if you don’t have multilanguage support installed on your system. For exmple, in the computer I’m writing now, the path is this:
“C:\Archivos de programa\Synfig\bin\ffmpeg.exe”
notice that it is in Spanish and the synfig word has initial capital letter.
This is due to the Windows XP I’m using has a local replacement of the paths form the msdos ones (8 letters for the file and folder names) to the long file names with multilanguage support. If you have some conflict with that, possibly the ffmpeg.exe is not found.

If the problem persists you can easily export to png sequence and import them into avidemux and export to any video codec later.