Rendering Animation.

I have been having this problem lately that when I render a animation to a video format it saves every single frame as a separate video.
I have been using my brothers computer lately since mine broke down but it worked on my pc.

hope it help.

I checked that already and still have no clue what to do. I’ve been trying all sorts of extensions and Targets but I still have the same problem.

I guess im going to have to record it off the preview screen :confused: . Do you know a screen recording software that is free?

Seems to me like a very simple mistake.
Can you please upload a screenshot of ‘Render settings’ dialog when you set all parameters up and about to press ‘Render’ button?

Not sure what you mean is this it?

‘Render current frame only’ checkbox is clear, right?

If so, then I don’t know what is going on there… You can try to render it using the CLI interface if you know how to use the command prompt.


Have no clue what to do there. And I can’t seem to find any tutorials on it. :neutral_face: Thanks anyway.

Can you try starting synfigstudio from a terminal / console and copy/paste output.

Also, please, when you report a “bug”, help us to help you… : how to report a bug and so, give us maximal information (os type & version / synfigstudio version / …)

What is the command for windows 7 to launch it from the CMD console?

When you are rendering, Try setting your target to “gif”. I had the same problem as you had. But when I set gif as the target, it actually made a big png file and I can open it in firefox as an animation. Worked perfectly for me. Brian

Outch ??? gif target render a png ? please, can you check the file type (from a property dialog using a file explorer or from an image editor) , or attach a rendered test file to a post…

from the cmd console start synfigstudio with full path . I do not have a windows operating system; but should be something like “C:\Program Files (x86)\synfigstudio\synfigstudio.exe” (check your system for exact path)

Since i downloaded the latest version of synfig i am able to render videos successfully if the target is yuv420p. The file can only be opened with VLC and i can not add it to any video editing software. Not sure what to do now.

I opened up the properties window and Windows file explorer says it is a png file. I opened up one in gimp and converted it to an animated gif. It is a bit smaller and file explorer says that one is a gif file My sygfig says number 7320 when it opens up in the bin text stuff so I guess that is build 7320 and in the download folder it is called synfigstudio-0.64.3-64bit Hope that helps. Someone with the same one could check and see what the gif’s actually are. My windows file explorer says that those files are png files. Brian

brian, please, can you fill a bug ?