Rendered Video No Sound

I rendered a video with sound. but sound did not come after rendered.

The current version of Synfig does not allow rendering with sound. You can import sound and hear it but you cannot export with sound.

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(future) Version 1.4.1 is supposed to support it thanks to Konstantin :smiley:


Ooops… That’s what I get for using google to do my searches rather than this site.

Odd, I can’t even hear it when I import it.

It depends on where you import it. If you create a sound layer by right-clicking in the layers panel then go to ‘others’ then click on ‘sound’ it will allow you to search for the audio on your computer. Once you open it you’ll be able to hear the audio once you click play. Importing it from where the timeline area only allows you to see the waveform of the audio.

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