Rendered video has visual noise in each format

On Ubuntu 18.04 64-bit, I’m rendering a short animated loop (simple stickman dancing for 6 seconds), and each format I try, the render is either broken or has odd distortions around the character.

These are my settings when I go to File -> Render

For rendered file formats: .avi (broken = gray and flickery), .mov (broken = gray and flickery), .mpeg (almost good, but has some undesired graininess around the character)

I used Target -> Auto, as well as for each format the recommended Target type from here:

(I would upload the .sifv but new users can’t upload attachments so I’ll have to wait on that.)

Is there a gotcha, perhaps when using Linux, that could make renders not have any yuckiness?

Hi, good day, I have the same problem from like 2011, I think that you must install some extra codecs, i dont really know, that I do is: render your poyect on PNG Image Sequence and after that make the composition using a video editor program like: Blender or KdenLive (+ you will able to put some extra FXs with the video editor) How to save cartoon in mp4