Rendered animation using ffmpeg is a little fuzzy

Hey again guys!

I was wondering one other thing…
…why the quality is much better when I render the animation using yuv420p instead of ffmpeg?

I use the same resolution, 1980x1080, on both but the rendered animation using yuv420p is much sharper and cleaner then ffmpeg.

is there a way to get the same great quality on ffmpeg?

Hi Chris,
did you modify the Parameters settings when selected the ffmpeg target? If you click on the Parameters button on the right of the drop down target menu you can change the parameters passed to ffmpeg and so increase the video bitrate.

I tried that (according to an earlier instruction that you gave me on one of my other threads) and changed the bitrate to 2000. i tried higher as well…

maybe it´s just the quality of my images that is the issue.

I’ll try to remake the images.

thanks! :slight_smile: