Rendered Animation is only 2 seconds long

Synfig Version: 1.4.4

Hello! I am relatively new to Synfig but I’m pretty confident in animating now (as in I’ve gone through a majority of the video course and looked up bits and pieces if I’ve needed them elsewhere).
I am trying to render an animation that is 250 frames long at 24fps, but whenever I render it, no matter what I do, it keeps getting cut short at around 32 frames in so the video file is only ~2 seconds.
I feel like I’ve tried every logical solution, e.g. using different parameters, rendering at different qualities, removing the audio, but nothing seems to work.
I have tried rendering as a png sequence. That obviously works, but I would like to be able to render it as a video file properly for convenience sake.

Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:
Have you checked in the “Time” tab of Render Settings that you have set up your 250 frames properly ?
Do you have any error message in the console ?

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The animation does end at 250 frames, yes. I made sure of that. I don’t know how to access the console.

See here: Synfig Crashes when using Color Picker - #12 by rodolforg

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