Render glitches

I’m currently using a lot of masks in Ssynfig to create a night scene lit up by a lamp. I do this by masking away parts of a dark plate on top of the artwork/animation which is animated in another software and imported as image sequences in Synfig.

mask setup:

In rendering the scene I get glitches as:

They are only seen in rendering, not in the open work scene in Synfig.
The large patch is due tangents in one of the gradient masks almost overlapping itself. Turning this solves the issue.

This large one was easily spotted but there are numerous smaller glicthes through the whole scene, some very subtle.

Is going through frame by frame, layer by layer to correct the faulty ducks the only solution here?

When the curvature is extreme, the curved gradient can fail.
Can you share the DARKNESS paste canvas layer (or all the files if possible) to let me play the setting to try to find a solution?
Do you have the Fast boolean parameter unchecked?
Do you render using quality = 1?
If you add some blinepoints where the curvature is so high and emulate the curvature with more control points, solves the issue?

I’ve been trying to emulate the problem and I cant.
The attached file renders fine and tries to copy the shape of the offending curved gradient. Notice that if you check the Fast parameter it render lot of glitches.
Hope it helps.
curved gradient drop.sifz (826 Bytes)

I does seem to help with fast boolean unchecked…
Render time without this and with quality 1 is crazy slow though. Many, many hours…

Now thinking of it I think I’ve had this exact same problem a few years ago. I have to put post-it notes on my brain to remember stuff…

thanks Genete. You could become a Synfig cyborg one day. Your mind is already deep integrated with Synfig.

I’m glad you have solved the render glitch.