Remove Brush tool from Synfig Studio Stable release

This tool has a long time in Synfig Studio official releases (Five years?) and never has worked well, despite the video from its development I never seen or read to anyone that find this tool really useful in its current state.

And I think that is not the main problem with the tool, over the years I’ve seen people go to that tool at moment that opens Syfing for the first time, It’s the only tool that implies drawing function (a brush), and instantly say that Synfig does not work, even the Sketch Tool icon implies something else. I saw this so many times over the years, and today particularly, 10 out of 10 people that I showed the software for the first time did the same thing, it was so bad that finally make me ask for the case of remove the tool from Synfig.
I understand the intended function and sure I need that tool too but right now even the simple and incomplete Sketch Tool is better.

What I’m asking for is to keep this tool in the development version only.

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@ebarranko I think this is a great idea! We can do the following:

  • Add an option to Preferences, which enables and disables experimental features. Call it “Enable experimental features”.
  • Make this option disabled by default.
  • Do not display Brush Tool icon if “Enable experimental features” option disabled.

We can think about other features, that can be marked as Experimental.


I have created an issue -

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I think that will be a very nice solution for this and future predicaments. Thank you.

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