Refugee from Adobe

Having happily used Gimp, Inkscape, Blender, Audacity and Final Cut Pro X for years, I found Synfig via the website, looking for an alternative for Adobe Flash builder.
That was the last Adobe program that I had to find a replacement for, after my CS6 ‘perpetual license’ had somehow morphed into a pay-every-year creative cloud scheme.

I was pleasantly surprised to find such a full-featured OS program that I had never even heard of: I suppose just because I never bothered to look for it. I’m curious to find out what it can do! I’m having some minor quirks getting it to work, it probably needs some getting used to. I’ll look for the appropriate forum and ask there if necessary.


Good decision. You’re not alone in this migration.
You can also help on spread out your experience.

Lúthien, hello and welcome here…

In any case, Synfig is a Flash clone, both are Vector Animation soft’ … but Flash to Synfig seems to be a “natural” migration when interested to free software…

Have a nice time with the manual / tutos (stable version 0.64.x series compliant)
As said Genete, could be interesting if you can share your experience of “problem/solution” during this migration… !

Thanks Genete for helping to get the word out about Adobe Offsetting. I got a huge response online in just 24 hours and you were the catalyst:)

Ah, another refugee. Welcome to the party.

Yes, the Creative Cloud had me wary, too. If it makes you feel any better, the Flash platform itself is all but offically confirmed to be on Adobe’s discontinuation list, my company found out.