Reflecting objects with distortion


I’ve attached a sifz with an experiment I was doing. I wanted to simulate an objects reflection on water. The way I tried didn’t quite work out.

As you can see, I’ve used the stretch layer linked to the duplicate layer to mirror the objects over the X-axis. The equation I used worked out there, but the issue is with the distortion layer.

My idea was to link the amount node to the duplicate layer to so that the distortion amount for the source objects is 0 and the amount 1 for the reflected objects. But as you can see, it doesn’t work (if I enter the amounts 0/1 manually it works, but not when linked to the reflect layer).

I even tried playing with the Z-depth of the distortion layer without success.

Any ideas?

reflect.sifz (1.73 KB)

Try to first distort before stretch and duplicate:

Noise Distort

If the Distort is over the Duplicate it won’t work and will distort both, the original and the duplicated. To make index be effective, the duplicate layer has to be on top.

I get it. That’s a very subtle detail that I missed.

Thanks it works.

I originally wanted to put that effect for the nursery rhyme I was making but gave up. But kept trying regardless thinking it might be useful for others here at the forum. If anyone wants to use it feel free.

I’ve attached the final.
reflect.sifz (1.89 KB)