red moon rises

i am working on this video

I’m the guy that commented on that video earlier! :slight_smile:

What kind of input do you want? Maybe have the ground change colour a bit too?

I’d like to see the moons path as an arch? Have it raise where it does and leave the screen in at the top right. You could have it case a purple glow on the ground that moves along with it! Nice colours you picked.


thanks for the advice.

nice start!

if you want more ideas i could imagine

  • smooth wind blowing some sand off the hills (maybe via moving noise with mask, or particles)
  • some stars showing as sky gets dark
  • color of the moon slowly changing as the sun sets
  • adding some quiet background music (opt. wind sound), eg from

… but often less is more :wink:

and for the tweaks

good luck going on.

one more idea:

what about a person walking on the sand?

For one thing, look at the time scale. The person’s walk across the screen would be less than a frame in length. :slight_smile:

Interesting…Loved it:) looking forward for finished work