Rectangle with rounded corners

I have tried the following methods to create rectangles with rounded corners:

  1. Use spline tool
  2. Import rectangle from Inkscape (native tool to round rectangle corners)
  3. Create a rectangle, remove corners with smaller alpha over rectangles, overlap a circle over each removed corner so 1/4 of the circle creates the rounded corner


  1. Cannot get the sharp curved look of a circle (like method #3), is there a way to do this?
    Spline rectangle before tangents

Spline with tangents moved

Corner looks uneven (compared to final picture at bottom from method 3

  1. The rectangle imports without the rounded edges, is there a way to do this?

  2. Messy to manipulate
    Rectangle without corners

Add circles

Final look

You ca use rounded rectangle under layers/examples.
You can use the spline tool and create circles regions that matches your corners, then copy the values of the tangents on the original rounded rectangle tangents of the region.

Draw square. Draw circle and use each cornerpoint of the square as the middle. Select the square and right click and insert item and keep shape where the outline of the circle crosses the outline of the square and then remove the cornerpoint. (remove item, smart)
roundedsquare.sifz (1.96 KB)

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Thank you all! That is quite helpful.

A couple of follow up questions though.

  1. Genete, you mentioned that there is a rounded rectangle under Layer->New Layer->Example. But all I see is: Filled Rectangle, Metaballs, & Simple Circle. This is using version 1.0-RC1. Am I missing something here?

  2. The method given works great (make a square spline, add the items, remove the vertex). However can someone provide an explanation about why this works? I feel like I am missing something important.

Again, thank you all for the help. Cheers!

It has rounded corners as option in its parameters.

Please forgive my ignorance but I could not find this parameter under: (or in my copy of synfig for that matter).

How do I find this option? :blush:

It’s the “bevel” parameter



Thank you :smiley:

I’m new to synfig.

I think I am missing something here.
I created a rectangle
I created circles on the corners of the rectangle
I selected the rectangle
I right-clicked inside the rectangle but all I see are layer options no “insert item and keep shape” option
If I right-click on the handle of the rectangle then I got bunch of options but no “insert item and keep shape
I am using synfig 1.0.2 on debian jessie.

Any help will be appreciated!


pretty old thread here but I found it by having the same rounded corner issues so I thought id throw my 2 cents in anyway. I can get rounded corners on a rectangle by using advanced outline but have yet to figure out how to adjust the radius size.

You can download latest development version 1.3.16 - it has parameter to add rounded corners in Rectangle Layer.