Recovering a past version of a project?

I did something I apparently shouldn’t have, and it made synfig crash and now can no longer open the project.

And of course it’s been a long time since I didn’t save a backup. Lesson learned!

Error message is ‘‘blinecalcvertex:343: Error: Unable to resolve Head.Yrotate’’

Synfig v.1.4.4
Windows 10

Judging by the error message, you can recover your current project. Synfig just got exported values messed up during saving, but everything is still there, in the file.

Can you send me your corrupted file in the private message? I’ll fix it.

puppet2.sifz (35.8 KB)

Thank you so much!

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Here’s the fixed file:
puppet2.sifz (35.8 KB)

Seems nothing was lost.