Ready to close open issues tagged with "reminder" label

Great news!

90% of Synfig issues have been labeled!
From now on old and potential contributors don’t have to dread the number of issues they’ve to browse around finding their most suitable issue to hack.

The remaining 10% I left out are due to the following reasons:

That said here comes the…

Not so great news

@BobSynfig @konstantindmitriev @ice0 @rodolforg @firash and other devs…

I’ve tagged open issues that are ready to be closed with “reminder” label.

These issues are tagged so for the following reasons:

  1. Are outdated - address old Synfig versions
  2. Are Q&A type and answers have already been provided
  3. Addresses problem A, A was resolved, then issue B pops up and needs to be addressed (as new issue?)
  4. Other reasons (I forgot)

I haven’t closed them because I need 2nd, 3rd, 4th,… eyes to verify. And if you feel some of them are still worth keeping feel free to remove the “reminder” label :slight_smile:

PS: I plan to close them this November.