Raster support ?!

I’m thinking that maybe a good way to enhance Synfig vector precision would be to add the raster flexibility to it…

I mean, I imagine in a perfect Synfig 1.0 : if we could edit some raster layers (maybe like those “import image layers” but adapted for this use),
with some specific raster tools: a draw engine like the one in Mypaint for example, which let do any draw/erase tool,
a fill tool, and a move/transform tool … maybe that’s enough … ooh and then a way to “apply” an fx layer to a bitmap, to get it pre-calculated and free resource.)

Then we could choose between full vector, vector/raster combination or even full raster workflow.
This would open the door to any imaginable workflow !!!

As vector/raster combination workflow I already know at least 2:
-the retas (celsys) one where lines are traced in vectors but colors are in bitmap layers, with specific groups of tools for each layer type.
-The Synfig/Anime studio/CelAction/Flash with bitmap assets rigged as puppet (this one we can already do it but editing bitmap assets in another soft then import them, wich is not fast nor convenient)

What do you think of this idea? Sounds usefull? Doable?

It is useful and doable… we just need someone who implements it. :wink:
Honestly I prefer to develop other areas before that one (opengl, etc.)
Anyway it is a good feature request.

Nice to see you like the idea!
Also I agree that opengl and a few other things must have priority.
All the more that to work with raster brushes the soft must be very responsive, so opengl will help to free cpu resource for this.
As to get an easy “puppet” workflow the bone system should be ready.