Random motion in Synfig?

Hi All and Happy Holidays. I’m working on a grade school course on weather. Something I’m trying to illustrate is the motion of air molecules when the temperature is cold(er) and when it is hot(er). All air molecules move at random, but cold air moves slower and for shorter distances, whereas warmer molecules move faster and for longer distances. See the attached illustration. I would like to do an animation illustrating this but would need for the “molecules” to move in random fashion.

Is this possible in Synfig, or do you have another suggestion as to how to proceed? Many thanks. Kevin


IIRC Synfig Training Course explains it in the lesson with a flying bee.

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AirMotion.sifz (2.7 KB)

I happen to have a sample file right now.maybe you would take a look.


Thanks so much!! You’re a real gem!

I have additional questions. Do you have, say, an hourly rate?

Nice :+1:
But I think you have made it a bit complicated, you can just use Random converter on the origin of circle layer. No need to use the translate layer or group the circle and set the offset parameter. Just convert the origin of circle to random. And use the index value of duplicate layer as seed.

You can make smooth loops

air.sifz (1.4 KB)

I don’t use the Transformation Layers at all, grouping objects is enough.

Hi.smart method.got the idea.
i use transformation layer for modification later.such as change the circle to square.do not use layer because offset frame.honestly.it’s hard to get smooth loop.thank you for share your knowledge.