Random crash and corrupted files

I recently started to use synfig on Linux Mint Nadia. I did a couple of simple animations (I’m still a newbie) and everything worked properly.
Then I decided to do something more complex than a ball bouncing, and I started to draw a character, using a reference image to do it better. And the problems started.
Synfig started to freeze or crash randomly every couple minutes, and sometimes when I reopened the file i was working on, some points were out of position (especially tangence points on some BLine).
Now every time I open it and try to move a tangenca point (the one messed up in the eye on the left) Synfig freezes and I need to kill it.
Here is the file. I tried to open other files and it works properly, I only have problems with this one.

Thanks in advance for the help!
SB1.sifz (3.94 KB)

Is the Synfig Studio the one provided by Linux Mint repositories?

try to use Alpha Over combined with inverted (for regions) instead of Alpha Brighten. Alpha brighten doesn’t give antialiased results.

I tried with both that and the latest version from the website, but they both have the same problem.
I started over with a new project (I didn’t lost a lot of time), but I’d like to understand why it does this, I don’t want to have the same problem on a bigger project, losing hours of work :frowning:

Thanks for the tip, it looks much better this way :smiley: