Hi all, I am still working on my game cutscenes.
I need to add some rain in the scene, but still I do not get it. I tried the Particle template (I saw a nice video on YouTube by Genete himself), but my newbie status prevents me to understand how to get it to work. Anyone has an example and/or basic tutorial on this?
Now I am trying the duplicate layer approach, but I don’t understand how this kind of layer works :blush:

Thanks in advance!

Hi harlock1975,
At this moment I cannot help on a step by step tutorial to produce a rain using the particles template.
I’m not able to reach Synfig Studio in this computer and probably will be very busy this evening when reach home.
I’ll try to do a tutorial on this.
Meanwhile you can fake a rain like the Anime people does: Draw three or more rain images and quickly alternate between them using visibility or canvas switching. It should work


Thanks, I guess that will do the trick!
I will look forward for your tutorial, though :wink:

Hi all,

this is a test born by raging fire of this tutorial :http://synfig.org/wiki/Doc:Realistic_Fire_Animation

And this is the effect [temprary, it’s only a test].
(Ignore the nois at the end of the file, it’s only the cut method on the gif that I’ve used.)

It’s quite real, but much improvable :slight_smile:

Any suggestions are welcome :exclamation:

[Better is if you download the .sifz and render by yourself…]
RainStorm02.sifz (1.78 KB)
Rain01.sifz (1.79 KB)

My God!
that’s The Flood!

Yesss :exclamation: :slight_smile:

Now I’m trying to slow the rain’s fall down and scatter the drops.

Any suggestion?


Belgian name for that kind of rain is “drache”, just so you know :wink: … we turned it into kind of a national specialty, just to be able to smile at it when it pours down.

as for slowing the rain I guess you could

  • fix the random noise of “irregularities noise” from changing (disconnect)
  • change the origin slope of “moving base” to 0,-20 pt, to get a slow down move of big noise
  • change the origin slope of “irregularities” to 1,-250 pt, to get a slow down move of rain drops (-250 is maybe too slow… decrease to -500 to double the fall speed, etc.)
  • change the size of “irregularities noise” to 1.4,25 pt, as slower rain means shorter drops.

and for scattering the drops you could tweak the gradient of “irregularities drop” by

  • adding a CPoint in the middle of the gradient and sliding it to the right ~80% of the gradient.

Let me know what you finally did… and please post your final settings on the wiki page of the tutorial in the “gallery” section!

Copy of RainStorm02_b1.gif
RainStorm02_b1.sifz (1.8 KB)

BottyE, they look very monsoonal - makes me feel at home :slight_smile:

GERAT :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

Now I cant post in Gallery, as soon as.

Better also in new session for Raining user searching :wink: :exclamation: :question: