Quirky way to change color without copying and pasting

Testing SynfigStudio from the latest master branch.
Same behavior with stable releases can’t be guaranteed

From our color widget dialog, we can copy-paste color from one layer object to another layer using Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V or with the mouse right-click context menu.

I just found out by mistake that there’s another alternative way to do that. Could be a bug or a secret-hidden-feature of synfig. IDK which.

Here’s how I apply one object color to another:

  1. Select the layer you want to copy
  2. Open its color dialog - and do not close it yet
  3. Then select your intended layer to apply the color
  4. Bring color dialog focus back and click on Color name: entry field
  5. Hit enter

With those steps, I found it easier to apply the same color to multiple layer objects efficiently/in less time.

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