Questions: Wiki mechanics, current structure and more ...

We will start a thread here as I found out that I have loads of questions that need to be answered if I really like to be a productive help with the documentation.

I hope the Experts will help me/us (novices) to understand.

Everybody is invited to ask more questions and/or answer ones he/she might be able to answer.
this way.

Please use #1, #2, #3, …


Let’s start…
#1 Zelgadis is writing about “tags” (eg. for Unverified/Updated)

  • how would they be implemented?
  • samples?
  • wiki coding?
  • possibilities to search for in wiki?

#2: how do we use categories in the wiki?

We have 49 catagories currently, I do not really see the hierarchy, but I guess there is one defined. Please give some explanations. Thx.

When I’m talking about “tags” I mean “categories”. Sorry for misdefenition. :slight_smile:

There’s no strong policy about categories yet. Some of them used for navigation. I.e. Tutorials* (category displayed at the bottom of the page and allows to quickly jump to similar pages). And we have lot of “junk” categories. ^___^’’
My suggestion is just use categories to group similar pages/images.

re #2: I think we should be more strict in using categories then.
we should also get rid of the junk ones…

Who can work on a de-junking activity?
Who can write a short rule set about when and where to use which category?

I’ll add those actvities to the set of work items.

Can we have “Navigation” at the end of the page additional to the Navigation bar at the top?
Would help to browse through the manual (jump forward to next “page” at the end of a chapter…)

re #2:
I agree about de-junking but I think it is not a priority now.

Short description about categories:

  • Unverified / Updated - marks page/screenshot status.
  • Manual / Tutorial / Glossary - shows is the page in “Doc” namespace belong to tutorials or is it part of the Manual or Glossary.
  • Tutorials Basic / Tutorials Intermediate / Tutorials Advanced - shows tutorial complexity level.
  • Tools / Layers / Panels / Parameters / Tools - group relevant pages together.
  • CMS - images belonging to CMS interface (“Theme” category is the same, should be merged with)

My suggestion is: not waste time on categories right now. I can do de-junking, but later.

re #3:
At the bottom add same {{Navigation}} template as we have at the top.
(Implementing automate adding is possible, but tricky.)