Question regarding reuse of animations in a project

I wondered if anybody had any best practice regarding reusing elements of an animation so you can same some valuable time in not having to animate everything ?

Can you save a library of animation sections for use between different projects ?

Can you save sections of animations but only in the same project ?

If somebody can point me in the direction of documentation, tutorials examples etc. it would be most appreciated.


You could work on different projects at the same time so if you wanna copy any previous reference or animation you made to a new project you can select existing projects and open it as a second project and copy the animation on the previous one and paste the work on the new project so you could save some time but remember if you wanna copy a file with has bone attached to it make sure you only copy the child layer or else your whole project will be unable to open again after saving


There’s a wiki page about this


Woah this would have saved me so much time on years of projects if I knew this sooner! Excited to use this going forward!!

For what its worth, another approach is sometimes I make an initial file with a bunch of different poses of my character from different parts of my storyboard, and then just do a bunch of Save As files for different scenes and delete what I don’t need.

Finally, if a group layer does NOT have animations to it yet, I will sometimes just copy and paste that group to another file and that works okay to then animate from in the new file.


Thanks for all the input guys … still learning … I guess we always do in life :slight_smile: