Question re 'save as sfg' option and Synfig file types in general

As a newbie I was wondering what the save as .SFG option, the Container File Format was used for ?

I understand the .sifz file format is compressed, similar to .7z I imagine.

Compared to the .sif, it has a similar file size to the .sifz option but is it used for any particular reason ?

A more general question is what file type should be routinely used in development use, or does it not make any difference beyond file size. For example, is there less chance of corruption etc. with one file type ?

sfg is like the zip of all the imported pngs, jpgs. sifz , etc into one file. But don’t use it as it’s broken right now.

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It’s just a compressed .sif indeed. Smaller file size is the reason.

This format is a zip-like file that stores every saved version (everytime you save, it stores a new ‘file’ inside .sfg). You can choose any file version when you open it (“Open History” button in the Open dialog).

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