Question for Cartoon Fans!

What do you hate about modern cartoons and how would you fix those issues in your own cartoon?

Leave your answers down below!

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There’s quite some fixing imo. The adult animation style looks either like big mouth or family guy and it’s very simplistic, often it’s just characters talking. There should be more movement and more life in animation, it is such medium where literally anything can happen.
There are few good animation series on YT where animations are dynamic and there’s action. I’m not even talking about high budged animations but very small and mostly unknown creators where animation is quite basic. But still it’s more interesting than what studios make.

Other thing is writing, comedy is subjective but if vast majority of people don’t laugh maybe you should rethink your choices. When film tries to be serious but it’s bad then it’s bad in funny way, however when comedy is bad then it’s just bad. Most of the “humour” in adult cartoons are just violence and swear words.
I think this video sums it up perfectly:


I can agree with you. For me, if there is too much of a gap with action surrounding the main plot or if there are too many filler episodes, it gets boring. I’m more of an action-packed no-nonsense kind of guy.

Just hate cartoons switching their animation style, I mean it’s ok to adapt for new generation, but instead of making it better they make it worse. It’s like seeing trash in 4k, it’s just better to see the old animation style in 144p.

P. S:- No ben 10 reboot and teen titans go were harmed in this comment.

The new X-men 97 series on D+ does a great job of keeping the old animation style but with a slight update. If you have D+ you should check it out.

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I would surely check it out, but I might have to first see the original X-men :sweat_smile:
I have never seen it before.

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