question about position ducks

When creating a circle or star, the position ducks are in the center of the object, but when using any other tool, the green position duck is occasionally, off to the side. Is this suppose to happen? Is it possible to move the location of position ducks?

Circles and stars are simple primitives and its parameters are defined around the origin with defined math rules. In the region (and all the shape like layers) the origin is just a value that defines where is the local coordinates of the object definition. By default the origin is at located at the global 0,0 coordinates. This is that way because in general there is not one “center” of the created shape (due to its general irregularity of its geometrical definition).

You can effectively move the origin of a shape-like layer and then the geometry definition position will change as well. It can be called Offset too which in some cases makes more sense than Origin.

When creating regions and/or outlines using the circle or star tool you get that the origin of the layer is not the default value (0,0) but the place where you did the click and drag with the tool when created the circle or star.


I just figured it out, when drawing new shapes with the draw tool, if you draw them in the center of the screen, the position duck will be close to the object, since it always appears in the middle of the screen.

Drawing an object to the side of the screen will make the position duck far away.

So when drawing new objects its better to draw them in the screen center.