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. . . :astonished:

Me and Synfig have a love / hate relationship. I mean wow, how great is this program? You can do so much with it! I’ve barely scratched the surface having only been using it for two days so far and my god, how frustrating but rewarding can it be when you solve the problem! lol).

Here are 5 words that I think explain me pretty well:
Ironic Socio-Political, Cartoon-Satirist (from New Zealand)

And 5 character traits that will see me through the staggering learning curve that is Synfig:
Staggeringly bloody minded levels of stubborn determination and sheer force of will (with a touch of anxiety).

I’m also dyslexic which I see as an advantage, I get to see the world from all sorts of weird and interesting tangents that lend to new ways of thinking.

So far I’ve been pretty good with all Vector based graphic programs I’ve come across. And I’m getting the hang of Synfig but wow, the complexity is just. Yeah. I’m getting there, slowly.

Artistic influences?:

Anything from Johnen Vasquez
The “Rick and Morty” series

Probably a bunch of other stuff too but those are the main ones.

Anyways I hope to see you round the forums, thanks for listening (reading?)


Well it’s my third day battling the madness that is Synfig and I’ve finally figured out how bones work! woho!

Now to master it and get everything running smoothly. So excited!