Qick change Z-Depth

Hi there,

how do you change the z depth quickly?

Or can you really only change this in the lower left corner of the window with the object properties?

Info on the side: I am a beginner in 2D animation and follow this tutorial:
Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5B_Aok26LKc 2”

You can only do with the properties panel.

Note that you have 2 places with Z-Depth:

  • a “fixed one”, in the layers tree
  • a variable one, in the Parameters

Both are cumulative and their sum determines the relative depth in the hierarchy

well… not really the only way to change it :slight_smile:

I say otherwise xD:

this looks cool. I wonder if this method can be used with more than 2 layers.

I think it can but you would have to create multiple controls