Python library to read .sif/.sifz

I often have reason to modify .sif files from a Python script. I have an ad hoc library I have built for this, on top of the XML parser Beautiful Soup.

I was wondering whether there was an existing library I could use instead. I found this thread, but it hasn’t been updated in three years, and the site 404s.

Does anyone know of a library for this? If not, maybe I’ll polish mine up and release it.

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I don’t know any library that handles SIF files. Officially there is none.

However, maybe Lottie exporter plugin may help you. Or the @veermetri05 plugins.

I updated the link in the thread you pointed at, it is now:

@Marnanel There is no library specifically for Synfig, if you plan to work on one, please let me know. I would be happy to help.

Sure. Here, or by email/IRC/discord/whatever?

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @VeerMetri05
Discord: veermetri05

Replying here so other people can see it too, but I’ll send you a Discord message as well. If anyone else wants to talk about the project, I’ll set up a Discord server for it.

Part of it is linked below, with some simple code and a test suite. I have a lot of plans, and I’ll be writing up a roadmap. But:

  • It can read and search .sif, but not yet write it out.
  • .sifz and .sfg aren’t supported yet
  • It doesn’t handle waypoints, at all: that’s the next thing to fix.