Put drawings infront without changing layers. how?

when im making animations i arrange my layers so that head is at the top, body below, arms and then legs… u know how it goes.
but here’s the catch. when i’m animating i sometimes need to put the hand infront of the head (for example: when my figure is sneezing or scratching his face). but i can’t do it, because the layers dont allow. i know u can do it without changing the layers (i know it from toon boom animate) but how do i do it? please answer =) thx

You can animate the Z-depth of the layers.


oh found it^^ thx for that :slight_smile:

ok, i now figured out how it works, kind of. it works when i make simple figures like circles and shit. but it wont work with my figure, i put a hand of him at -3 while all the other parts of the body are above -1. so it the hand would be over the head (head is at 0). the keyframes are on time but the hand is still not seen when moved to the head. what is wrong here?

You need to set the Z-depth parameter on the arm parent layer as Z-depth sorting only works within the same group layer.

dont get it?

Your current Z-depth only works within the “Arms” encapsule (sorry for confusing you by calling it group layer), not upstream into the Klaus layer . To have your arms in front of the head you need it to set the Z-Depth on the “Arms” layer instead of on Arm1 within the Arms layer.

oh yea i got it working :smiley:. but now i have another problem (i think i will have). if i have 2 figures (Capsule Klaus and Capsule Klaus1) and i want them to cooperate (for example hugging) how do do i manage it that one arm of Klaus is over Klaus1 and the other arm is underneath Klaus1 when i have 2 Major Grouplayers(Klaus and Klaus1) and the arms of Klaus are in the grouplayer?

Do a copy of the Klaus that is both below (K1a) and above (K1b) the other Klaus (K2) and on the Klaus above (K1b) only have the layers that are supposed to be above visible (like an arm). Keep K1b above K2 in the layer stack.

ah i understand. so i have to actually have 3 klaus’. and there is really no way it would work otherwise?

Yes, don’t group Klauses separately, just put all the two Klauses in a single supeKlaus group (with four arms, four legs, two bodies and two heads). Then arrange the depth of the limbs properly to match the hug.