Purchasing or Downloading Characters

I want to create a short animated movie, but I am a terrible artist. I feel like my artistic prowess never really advanced from when I was about 8 years old. I would like to know if there are others who simply cannot draw, but who make animations. If so, where do you buy or acquire your characters, and other items for your works?

Thank you.

I also can’t draw (so Flash is not for me :wink: ) but if i want to create character or something i just download it from google graphics.
Then i import it to synfig and create shapes on images.
I did my avatar like this and:
(i need fix cheetah)


Don’t forget to check User’s License of your resources :wink:

I have found that tracing items (chairs, tables, lamp posts, etc.) works fairly well. Tracing people does not seem to be as easy. This is in part because the side of a person’s head is rarely presented alongside their face. I found a site that features a variety of artists who offer to produce characters (for a fee), and so I’m planning on sending a list of about 5 characters to one of these artists. Has anyone tried fiverr before for this?