Puppet Morph from After Effects and Linked External Files

Hi there. I have never used Synfig, but I am trying to get out of using closed source software for the work I do. I need a tool that can work like the puppet morph tool in Adobe After Effects but still also allow for joint based animation. Does Synfig support this? If not is there a tool on Linux that does?



Synfig supports puppet morph (skeleton deformation layer) and joint based animation (skeleton layer) if it is what you mean.

however IK (inverse kinematic) is still a “missing” feature

Can it work with externally linked files? For example, if i have a folder with images called arm, leg, head and I decide to make the head from red to purple, would the head image get updated in Synfig?

Yes, but not automatically. It loads on startup so reopen your scene.