PSD File Support

Just curious, can you import an PSD file into Synfig?

Do you want to import it as a single flat image or as a layered image?

I want it to be layered.

It is the same type of request as for .ora/.kra.
This could be done through import plugin with psd-tools · PyPI and InkLab / pyora · GitLab for example.
As a reminder, Synfig is meant to animate vector graphics, raster/bitmaps should be uses sparsely for the background for example…
But layered imported images require even more memory and slow down Synfig globally :wink:

Note that .ora/.kra are layered .png, .psd could be converted to.
So instead of “support” all these formats, why not to do a plugin that would “decompress” the internal images and save them in a subdirectory of the current project, with addition of a Group Layer containing the structure of the imported .png (with blend modes etc)?