Project will not open after crash my Synfig file is still in tact but won't open

This has happened twice now. I have randomly gained access to a project that I lost access to. I have a hard time explaining it but I get an error message saying Unable to load “C:/Users/Folding/Best Midnight so far.sif”:

  • C:/Users/Folding/Best Midnight so far.sif::746: error:Unknown ID “Best Midnight so far poses” #:(stk2)-origin) referenced in parameter “origin”

I have been copying my work from one file to the other which I guess has been my mistake, but I really don’t know a practical way around this or how to recover my work or more importantly how to keep this from happening over and over again. I have lost about a week worth of work and I can’t take this anymore, this is devastating.

I still have the files and they still seem to have all of the data in them, I’m not ultra tech savvy please help me understand what’s happening.