Project: restructure and update the docs

This is just to let you know, that we are working on the documentation right now.

Restructuring the Wiki for better readability and getting the content up-to-date is the major goal.
We plan to continuously improve and have a consistent, up-to-date documentation in about 3 months from now.

We would need help with the page contents after the restructuring has been done.
You can leave a message here if you are interested in helping us.

There will be a new mailing list for documentation developers soon.

We encourage you to bring up any findings for the documentation on the discussion pages in the wiki already starting now.
We will work on a structure for the discussion page asap.

We will keep you informed on this project here on the Forum.

Please be patient and forgive us if there are some inconsistencies during the restructuring.

Update 2:

People willing to contribute: Thank you!

  • Genete
  • Zelgadis
  • ghosthand

Count with me to fill/update restuctured pages.

I’m here to help with restructuring, content, wiki infrastructure and everything I can.

Count me in, too.