Projct Idea - Open Souce Satiere Comic Serie too help Synfig

Hi, the basic Idea ist easy but the rest is a litle bit complex.

The Basic Idea is a comic satire serie ala Simspons - Futurama - Famaliy Guy and Co but not a clone!

The Project have the funktion too Popolary Synfig Studio and other OpenSource Projekte.

The rest is Complex

All Data must be openSource the story , the grafics , the sounds and co

Everybody or Team can make a result

it is a Dezentral Produktion the Story is open the same is only the grafics.
You can a make result oft future or in a other demision or was ever.

thies is only a navie Idea.

I have read the synfig forum und i think this project is too time unreal but i dont no, i have the prob with render avi the quli is bad or the renderprozess is veryvery log one night for 5 sec.

wenn everyone has interesting for the idea then can you look the projectsheet hier

I remeber!
it is a idea not more,
it is a open idea everbody can help the idea to optimize
everbody can help make it realistic idea

Thank your time, feedback would be nice, :slight_smile:

Can you give us an example of that bad render quality or the very long (one night) for 5 seconds?

Regarding to the project idea it is great to see new projects based on Synfig as main tool but do you have one script of the story? This is the most important factor for a success on a series.
The second one factor is the character designs. Do you have some idea on the basic designs of the characters based on is personality?


I think it would be a great idea! The more animation projects around Synfig, the more famous it will be and the more community members/contributors/developers that will come!

I think it’s a good idea but I have one objection. - length.
A series with those references implies many 22min episodes, that would require solid scripts, artwork and animation. Also producing such lengths takes much, much work from many people.
How about keeping it more flexible? Have a set, a universe with charecters etc. and have different length stories? It can be an episode of several minutes or just a short 10 or 30 second gag. That way you can get things out in a steady pace. With a long project with volunters these are bound to loose interest after a while. Keeping it short you’re going to have a much better chance of actually producing anything watchable.

Ok, Thanks for feedback!

this prob is solved, but thanks.

not realy i think everyone can make a character an give him a personality.
ever character and his family is a own Project.
manny familycharacters lives in the town
the town is also a own Project
the interaktion from the familys and the charakter is the storry but the is open
tow first modeling the familys and the town.

the story ist open for all, the teams can make what he want give it free an everyone can it use for what he would like.

yes i think 1 scene must not be log, manny short scene gives 1 episode
to first make many short scene and than make the episode.
i scene can use for many episode small modifications can have a big difference

i remember a`m new here, i work with synfig for 2 weeks, i don´t know whether it is realistic

hier our first work (me and my girlfrind)

and here the sifz the alien, is not ready have many bugs by move, we must more learn who desing a charakter wen we whant animatet . the wikispeed car, this work is not thoroughly, the perpective is wrong i think a animation looks strange.

and than have i a new prob:

wen the sifz not is in the exemplar ordner than cames error messages and the caption is no longer there or other probs.

cu and until next time