Program to join Synfig scenes

I want to render short scenes with Synfig and later add them together.

Which video format I should use here in Synfig to save my projects?
Can you recommend me a program to join and cut the scenes?
Which one do you use? Or do you do it with synfig?

In best case the program should be no loss of quality, can make easy transitions and is easy to use. Any tips?

I used to render my Synfig animation files to png and produce the final video on kdenlive.

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The general recommended way is to export in:

  • H.264 Lossless with Alpha extraction if needed (give 2 files to merge in Video editor)
  • PNG sequence to join in the editor

For the software, any Non-Linear Editor can do the job, there are many
KDEnlive, ShotCut, OpenShot, Olive, even Blender

See also here: Doc:How Do I - Synfig Animation Studio

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Hi! I use Krita to design the scenography, Synfig for single scenes of animation, DavinciResolve to edit the cartoon. They are all open source.

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Resolve is proprietary, free in its basic version but open-source, no

For some other NLVE (and most are open-source)

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Also, you can technically merge scenes directly in Synfig and do the render at once.

I will not give more explanation here as it has been described in details in this video by Master @Khemardi :slight_smile:

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